What happend to orginality?!

2007-07-23 20:06:05 by Soupcat

I'm fucking sick of it.
The entertainment world has no more originality, nd I'm seriously pissed because of that.

I just got a little fanfic (Small writings by fans of a certain series of books) from a friend, and the topic was Harry Potter.
Okay, good books, he likes, I don't give a fuck. I hate them series. (I'll explain why, hold on)

Now it starts quit good, the writing is swell, the introduction is intruiging, but then it starts....
All the little elements from the HP world starts to come up.
The bus, the family which hates the main character, etc etc.

Okay, I discuss this with the author and it turns out that this is normal.
Yes, fanfic. I don't give a fuck....Okay, it's normal.
But then it got to me. It's everywhere. It's all around us.
Every fucking blockbuster which comes out, every book which is re-published, and re-published.
It's all the same. It isn't original anymore.

Well, you have the South Park theory that everything has been done already. Okay, good point. But still, is it that hard for people, who have studied for this profession, to come up with something new?
To find a story wich isn't based on a book based on a true event based on a game?
The best example is the Lord Of The Fucking Ring series.(not the "based on" thing, but the originality). It's a whole world wich was created along those books, and many people copied that world and placed fucked up characters" they made up" in that world.

Anyway, not just those genre of franchises.
Every movie.
The main trend in the Psychological Thrillers now is the term "Schyzophrenie" (am I saying that right? Shi-zo-phre-nia ?). Everything I see now, has a sudden twist of some murderer who has split personalities.
Okay, intruiging, quite hard to write something in that direction, but does it have to be in every fucking movie?
Seriously. It's just a quick fix now.

- "Uhm...we're stuck with our stories, what should we do now? hur hur hur?"
-"I GOT IT! Let's make him schizophrenic! YAAAAY!"

That's just wrong. Or if the writer doesn't have any inspiration, why doesn't he just read a book, and decides to make a film about that?
This is far out the worst of the worst.
Producing a movie which is based on a book.
I told my mate this and I'm going to tell you.

"A book is something personal, the characters are visionized by your idea, and yours alone. You read that book with your vision of it, your principels. The whole blockbuster idea takes that away, the whole art of writing just vanishes. Because, when you see that movie, you see it with the vision of the director.

Also, the entire hype which follows is just sad. Consumed by the masses. The esthetic value completly dissapears.
I proudly say that I never read the LotR books, and I did see the movies. Why? Because I refuse to read the books BECAUSE of the movie.
The writer is long dead so it's not like he looses money or something. (besides....I don't make a difference...durrrrr....^^)
Same goes with Harry Potter. I also refuse to se the 5th movie because of the hype. And the fact that it's impossible to cramp a 600+ page book into a 2 and a half hour movie and still get something good.

Now where was I ? Ow yes. Originality. Screw that! Personal issues now!

I'm pretty damn fucked up. Yesterday ranting about how I lack a girlfriend and how much I desire for one.
And now this very moment I wish to be gay (again..*sigh*).
Girls discust me, in every way. They are repulsive, ignorant, and hostile.
I think it has to do with my mother. Or not.

Anyway, I have an appointment with a female person tomorrow and I am not looking forward to it. A bit nervous, haven't seen her face to face. Just online. But also...the fact that I'm meeting with a girl...FUCK NO!
I have no clue what is wrong with me. First I'm "depressed" because I don't get enough female affection, and then I just want to stay home, and be white 'n nerdy.
I think I need a psychologist for my mood swings.

Let me get into this.
An entire year spend with a girl, whom I could not have, but still so darn close. When I got smacked in the face with harsh reality I'd never get her, I decided to turn gay, just because I get sick of women.
After a while it gets to me this is too forced and get miserable again for not having a femal companion.
I find someone, kiss her, speculate I get rejected, and turn normal again. Not caring about the not-girlfriend-having, and just want to do what ever the fuck I want.
I could be I am a player, without knowing it. Or I'm just plain pathetic...wich is practicly the same.

So I'm gonna close of here, with the fact that I'm just plaing pathetic and will have a girlfriend eventually, but then brake up for some stupid reason and be pathetic again for a year.
The circle of life. YAAAAAAAAAAAY.

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2007-07-23 20:22:58

But - it's just a fanfic- it's - well! Of course it has - I... I told you already why I wrote it, just because I was bored and it's easy to use a setting that's already been thought of, but to try and just make it original and not just knocking of everything someone has already done before. OKAY? HUH? PUNK?


Soupcat responds:

....wow, that euh...that was pretty messed up.

Yes, you've proven ur pointzorz. Indeed fanfic, I don't give a fuck.

I HATE ERAGON, WHY DID I EVEN SAW IT? I have the blurst of friends.


2007-07-23 21:19:50

.....I applaud you for your "original" rant. But I hope you can find 'the one' for you. ;D

Soupcat responds:

You mean Neo?

Hehe. Thanks for the applaus ^^
I wish I'd get more comments though :(



2007-07-24 09:58:14

Yeah, you're right. Everything is starting to repeat. It's extremely rare nowadays to see an original, decent movie...or read a book that at least doesn't copy things from others...

Personally, I believe the world in part and total is falling apart.

Soupcat responds:

Yeah, the Global Warming thread made me realize that a bit.
Posted in there somewhere saying that.

It's a bit too late....we fucked it up.


2007-07-24 11:34:54

Nah not all girls are like that. At least not the ones I know, they are nice actually. Too bad we wen to different colleges now. I miss them. But I wish you luck, and if it goes to hell, then it goes. There is plenty of chances in one lifetime you know.
So did this make you believe I'm not here just for a comment?:)

Soupcat responds:

Haha, neih....you're here just for a comment :p

Yeah, hope is a nice element. I should stick to that.

But still....it all confuses me so much I don't know what to think.
And well, you should try to contact the girls, it's not that hard. Internet has many pros. Well it's all one big pro actually.
Anyway, if you miss them lik eyou mean it, then it's for the best you try and pick it up again.
I can assure you, there is nothing better then a good old relationship where you know each other well.
Where you can act wihtout effect.
Where you can speak without fear
Where you can be, what you are.



2007-07-24 12:54:24


Nice rant dude, but you need to think about something. Originality is not something that in the old years was all around...

Originality has been, and always will be rare to find. Old movies... do you think they were original ? Same shit all the time, cowboy flicks about the same stuff, gone with the wind type of movies.

One original thought comes along, and everybody is doing it. It has been always that way.

Same with the fact that people say: "Oh god, the youth these days is so sexed up"

Well fuck me but the youth has ALWAYS been sexed up. In the old days, woman who spent weeks without their husbands started fucking animals, their sons, etc...

You think that your parents generation was less sexed up ? No way, they had more sex than you will ever get in your life.

That was just an analogy. The fact is, that with every new generation, or with every new wave of anything, people look back as if the older ones were better.

No sir, the new ones are better, far better.

Actually, look at all the originality we have right now in the area of healthy, technology, robotics, organ cloning, etc...

That fucking rules, 6 years ago nobody could have imagined such originality.

Movies... the problem with movies is, that Hollywood is a giant industry, so it`s popping out baby movies each day, so keeping it "original" it`s hard when you have to feed a family of... mmhmm let`s say 6 trillion people.

But trust me, the time taken to come up with an original idea, is actually less than in the old days... it`s just that so m any movies come up, that you seems lost in that sea of unoriginality.

Once again, don`t think like your parents, don`t believe that old equals better... or you will end up saying this horrible words:

"Oh god, todays youth is so extreme"

And that sir, means you are OLD. And get little to no sex from your wife, lover, etc...



Post something in my news threaaaaaaaad

(Updated ) Soupcat responds:

You sir. Just deserved one hell of a comment from me.

You actually convinced me, I must add, I'm quite easly convinced. IF you come with good arguments.
And you, you gave the best arguments I could ever see.

I must say you are right. In the past, there wasn't much more originality then the present.
There is actually very little to say, besides "You are right"

Wonderfull. Marvelous. Extraordinary. I have found my supreme. My elderly.
Everything you stated, from the beastiality till the fact that thinking like your parents isn't the right thing to do, was convincing.

You changed my mentality as of today.
I thank you for opening my eyes.
(Okay, that's a bit much, but still...you've shown me a different perspective)

I can say no more.
I'm babbled out.


2007-07-24 13:18:50

Then hold me baby... we are two against the world.


Soupcat responds:

^^ <3.

Too bad you aren't as good looking as Sawke, otherwise I'd hit the sack immediatly.
Well, a good one night stand couldn't harm though.

But, where do I know this from....??????????...question mark.


2007-07-24 17:52:13

Hm, I think it's more of an industry problem. The people behind the creation of movies are more concerned with making money than actually entertaining. And with years of this going on, the standards of entertainment will (and have) gone down. This is why films starring the same type of dumb characters continue to be accepted as "good" movies. Personally, I never go to the movies anymore. Everything out now falls under the same sub-par catagories. It's either a kid's 3-D animation story, a really boring and predictable horror movie, an action movie where things get blown up for no reason, a romantic comedy, or a comedy that caters to the humor of teenage males and is really, er, stupid. And then there's the occasional movie adaptation of a book, or even remakes of movies. Chances are, none of what's in theaters now is worth paying $10+ for. Bah humbug.

Soupcat responds:

Modern humans are completly consumed by the subject of money, and nothing more.
Not caring about the consequences.

Oh, but I do enjoy a good trip to the movies. You have good ones, decent actors etc, and it's nice to go with some friends just to waste some time.
Comedy is a different category in my opinion. To tired to talk about that though.

My daily rant will be skipped for once, Sawke has exhausted me.
Damn her <3.


2007-07-24 18:48:05

"I vistited ur user page lol now whut.

LOLOLOLOL 1111111!1111

Am I cool yet?"


Soupcat responds:

Hehe. I love me.


2007-07-24 19:39:24

I'll comment this for the hell of it


Soupcat responds:

Yeah, I like spam too. ^^

How are your nuts by the way?


2007-07-25 10:32:19

Hi I know you won't respond lol but I am leaving a comment anyway.
It's perfectly okay that you don't have a girlfriend. I mean I didn't get my first boyfriend until I was like 16 1/2.
Really, you're not missing out on too much. Most high school relationships are really awful anyway, and you're right when you say you'll be all down in the dumps when you break up.
Anyway, the minute you stop looking you'll probably find someone. That's just how timing works.
Cheer up <3

Soupcat responds:

Haha, don't worry, I always respond. But euh, let me start by saying I'm a bit honord to get a comment from someone who's quite famous on the BBS.

Then, I don't know if you thought I never had a girlfriend, but let me just say, I know what I'm missing out on. I've had many girlfriends but for some reason I can't find one now.
You may be right, I've been told many times that if you stop looking it'll happen. That I'm pushing it a bit.

Well, let me assure you, I don't find the need in having one now. The idea of giving up NG (well part of it) so I can spend more time with a person, who probably doesn't even like me that much as I like her, is just repulsive and frightning.

Anyway, I'll see what time brings, as for now, I need to steal some money to see The Simpsons movie.
Darn it.


2007-07-25 11:59:28

What happened to your "first five receive a comment rule?" o.O

Soupcat responds:

Nothing changed.

11 people commented and the first five who commented got a comment back :D

Unless I forgot someone, it happens. I'll recheck


2007-07-26 11:07:36

Fair enough. :)

Soupcat responds:

Hehe. Kay ^^

Check later today. New rant coming up ^^


2007-07-30 16:47:26

I see what you mean. wonder woman comics are like taht, every issue she's tied up, somtimes there are rape/lesbian overtones.

Soupcat responds:

...I don't read wonder women :(


2007-07-31 02:06:12

how does one "go gay" easier to say than do...could you seriously have sex with a dude?

Soupcat responds:


Really, just no.

(lolwhut ^^)