French animation

2012-10-10 04:44:09 by Soupcat

So recently a friend of mine showed me the finals of the french animation school GOBLINS, and I was blown away by what they came up with.

So thought I'd share their works with you people, maybe there's some of you who could get inspired by this.
The school is pretty well known for oozing out talent, maybe some of you remember this one?

Anyway, enough babbling, here's what they cooked up this year:

This next one is probably my favourite, simply because of it's concept. It's amazing how I could relate and wish to come up with a similar concept like this one day.

This last one has to be the best one out of all of them I think. The whole sci-fi theme must be very appealing to this crowd.

Here's a link to their channel, they have some other awesome stuff as well.


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2012-10-12 02:32:53

I loved the penciling and trip sequences in the 1st movie;
the steam animation stood out to me in the 2nd file.. I also feel like I should apologize to my mom, after watching that..
That 3rd one was teeming with friendly satire and the character designs made it more humorous to watch.
That entry was great. Not to mention very easy on the eyes.
The 5th, I found very reminiscent of the older works from Bob Clampett. Nonetheless, it's a good watch.
It kind of struck a chord with me, the crocodile. It kept an upbeat pace despite the subject matter. I like that.
...and yes, I absolutely loved that last one!

So much inspiration, right now. Really, a lot of the best animations I've seen are out of France. Geraldine; "Little House of Blocks"; Triplets of Belleville. Stay inspired, guy!


2012-12-06 05:24:48

I like In Between the best overall. Eclipse is pretty damn close though. Usually I'd go with the sci-fi any day of the week, but the character design and animation in In Between was very attractive to me.