No gifs in the Art portal anymore?!

2013-09-13 11:43:11 by Soupcat

I've uploaded GIFs to the art portal before, so when I tried to upload this and got an error message, I was super confused.

Is there a size limit now of some sorts in the art portal? Are certain things not allowed? Did the servers break because of my super awesome hentai skills?
I'd PM Tom about it, but I don't think he moderates the art portal. Anyone know who I could contact about this?

It just gives me a really bland "ERROR — Sorry, there was a problem with your request. Please try again later." -message, so I don't know what's going on.
I tried uploading something different to see if I was banned or something, but jpgs and stuff work.
Then I tried uploading this cute cat gif and it gave me the same message!

What happened to the art portal? Did they change stuff around?


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2013-09-13 11:44:00

Had the same when I tried submitting gifs

Soupcat responds:

So gifs aren't allowed anymore? Is this something new?


2013-09-13 11:48:18

ask tom
or wade


2013-09-13 11:55:46

Woah - this isn't intentional. Looking into it now!

Soupcat responds:

Thanks man! The problem might be on my side though! But I don't know what I'm doing wrong!


2013-09-13 14:11:04

I'll get around to submitting gifs too when it's fixed


2013-09-13 15:11:47

now that you mentioned about the GIFs... i thought it was just me... guess it's a common problem here in ng now. :s


2013-09-13 22:15:47

Don't get it but there just like that without the audio


2013-09-14 00:35:40

Wierd, my old gif submissions still work okay
wonder why that's all wonky.. o:

Soupcat responds:

Yeah I don't get it either. I seem to be able to upload some gifs, but not all of them. I'm thoroughly confused.


2013-09-14 07:46:03