Hello how r u?

2014-04-19 09:40:18 by Soupcat

R.I.P. in peaces Windows XP ;__; 7



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2014-04-28 08:23:00

You will be sorely missed, old friend. Your Quick Launch menu still tears of mingled happiness and sadness to my eyes.

Soupcat responds:

I can't believe it's really over ;__:


2014-06-17 18:21:39

Steve Jobs
1955 - 2011
Steve Jorbs
1969 - 2006
Now you get it :p


2014-06-19 01:04:47

That horrible moment when the memory of your computer is full.


2014-06-28 08:24:16

Congrats on the Daily 2nd, have you filled out the necessary forms? I'm gonna miss XP too. I've got an old laptop (11 yrs. old) and the minimum boot RAM consumed on startup is 130MB, on a system that only has 500MB of physical RAM. Time for a new rig.

Soupcat responds:

I found it funny that you mentioned the necessary form thing. For a second there I thought I you were being serious because of the form I have to fill out to get my ad revenue money.

Thanks for the comment dude, you're the best!