Back From Latvia, updated portfolio and shamefull advertising

2014-07-25 18:28:14 by Soupcat

I went to latvia again!

It's a really cool place and I had a nice holiday. The people are way nicer and way less bureaucratic than the belgians (with exception the exception of @tribal).
So check out the small comic I made about the trip. I should give it a disclaimer, seeing that /r/latvia got a bit insulted. This does not represent the country accuratly. It's just a joke.

ANYWAY I've updated my portfolio. It's mobile friendly, so check it out on your phones yo'. But don't be surprised if the mobile version doesn't actually work on a mobile device because I'm an idiot. It's temporary anyway, because there is like a lot I need to learn as an artist and a designer.

But yeah, I started getting some freelance jobs as a designer. It was pretty cool to find out that you could create art and get real money for it $$$$ #makeitrain

Lastly, I would like to thank all the people that commented on my previous animation. It was nice to see such positive feedback and that artistic integrity still gets appreciated around here.

There was this one guy on youtube who left this really cute and touching comment. What a nice dude.





Even this guy @AcidX reviewed it. Which was a big surprise, because in my day, he was one of those people I looked up to and aspired to be like.

All this was really motivating. The same goes for @Cyberdevil and @VicariousE These are people with such dedication and passion for this website, it always catches me off guard.

Sooo....(here we go) if you guys like what you see, feel free to subscribe to me on  youtube, because I (mostly) post the same cartoons there. I also put doodles and works in progress on tumblr.
You can also friend me on facebook to see what I'm up to IRL, but I started getting bored and bothered by facebook more and more, so twitter is a safer place to interact with me and stuff (although, lately I've been getting drunk and started tweeting weird shit)

Thanks for reading and clicking links and there should be some regular stuff coming out soon enough.

Okay? Okay.


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2014-07-25 21:02:38

I've seen some of your stuff and I like it. I'll subscribe and try to keep up to date as best I can.
Some of your tags worked... some of them. I'm not sure if the , after it is what did it for @AcidX. So lets try it with @Cyberdevil, & @VicariousE, and see if that works. (Now if mine doesn't work you're not alone!).
Did the getting drunk part have to do with your trip? XD

Last but not least, what kind of design work do you prefer? (I've looked at your portfolio).

Soupcat responds:

Cool man! Nice to hear that! You try keep up to date, and I'll try to keep putting stuff out there, deal?
Are you friends with AcidX or something?
Yeah, the getting drunk part was the biggest part of the trip! I love getting drunk. The hangovers, not so much...

Preferred design work would be print design. If I'd had to chose for an 'official job', it'd be some type of advertising. Cool poster designs, coming up with marketing lines. All that stuff.
Or animating commercials (thats kind of design work, no?).

I try to stay away from webdesign, seeing Im not a real coder. But that's where the market is the biggest, so I'm kind of fucked.

Thanks for checking out my portfolio dude, nice to know I didn't make it for nothin' ;D


2014-07-25 22:22:03

Blog and comments in blog tags do indeed work! Cyberdevil's off the grid at his family's farm, won't be back for another 2-3 months, though he may find an internet and do some brief checking in.

Hey, making money, awesome!! Sad to say I don't subscribe to any of the 4 other sites you're affiliated with, otherwise I'd be too mainstream lol

(Updated ) Soupcat responds:

HA! Totally forgot about that. I bet he'll come back to a milion notificiations. That guy is everywhere on this site, and then he just disappears up in smoke.

And well, the only reason I'm on those other sites is for people who frequent those sites more than NG. So it doesn't really apply to you. You're too cool for those sites anyway ;D
I care more about the numbers on Newgrounds than the followers on tumblrtube.


2014-08-27 16:46:00

I don't think follower numbers here mean shit, sadly due to the drop off in membership and participation... those older artists got the lion's share of their fans before the downtick. What sucks is, folks like you, who have improved greatly recently, and no one notices >:(

(Updated ) Soupcat responds:

Oh well. I see my number growing evert dat. It's nice to see and I like to imagine that it'll be up there with "the big ones" one day. JUST WAIT MAN I GOTTA WHOPPER OF AN ANIMATION IN STORE FOR YOU GUYS. And if that one fails, then so be it. I've been here forever and I aint stoppin' now.

Thanks for the nice comment dude!


2014-09-13 16:21:00

Hey thanks! :) If you're wondering why I suddenly popped up to respond... oh never mind, looks like you've already been notified. Speaking of notifications...