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Broke again but went on holiday!

2016-06-04 19:18:49 by Soupcat

Oh hey its my second news post I'm making this year! Wow!

So as I mentioned last time I was lucky enough to get a job at a place that lets me use Adobe programs for their company which was super cool! Sadly enough they didn't know I have the power to bankrupt businesses and so I did.

I guess what I'm trying to say I've gotten my first real expierence as a graphic designer in a real work enviorment and I'm going to keep pursuing this career because I already muck around in these programs in my free time so it's time to get paid for it properly. Too bad I have to master After Effects and 3D now. Looks like I  have a lot to catch up on!

My website is getting some revamping so check that out one of these days. I should really post the demo reel here so I'll go do that now.

There. That's done.  

Now about the holiday! I went to Latvia for the third time, because my girlfriend started getting depressed from not seeing her family. And it was great, although a little short...

So we hitchiked from West Germany to Berlin, took the bus to Warsaw, Poland, and then kept hitchiking from there all the way to Riga, Latvia.

It was a great experience and only took about 3 days! We slept in tank stations and on the bus so it was very exhausting. Next time we're going to use Couch Surfing to make things a bit easier.

After all that we spent 8 days with her family and camped in this amazing natural reserve which has super serene scenery, but a lot of musquitos. My girlfriend was happy and I got see a very beautiful side of Europe. So win/win for everyone.

We then returned home the same way we came in; hitchiking and busses. Getting across the border into Belgium proved to be more difficult than I thought. Turns out Belgians aren't very friendly to hitchikers. We got picked up by a lively bunch of Iraqis which I found pretty ironic seeing they're not very liked by the Belgians. Because of immigration reasons I guess?

In the end I feel like I've grown as a person and feel that the challenge of finding a new job seems a little less scary this time!

Here are most of the pictures of the trip. Also here's a picture of what my google maps looks like now:      







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2016-06-05 08:39:43

Heh. You're like me, broke still indulge oneself in stuff that costs

Soupcat responds:

Hitchhiking is free so the only cost was food and drinks!


2016-06-06 20:43:35

That was a cool story bro. Sounds like your experience in the commercial world goes similar to mine! Don't let it put you down, just gotta find that job that lets you express yourself properly and be appreciated fully. Also be thankful you didn't have to crash you car, get in a ton of debt and break you leg :p had to leave mine too but onto bigger better things, always. I'd have been gone anyway. They wanted me to be a developer and that's not the job I signed up for.

Just use this time wisely. Above all, develop your drawing skills as that's fundamental and what you enjoy doing. The more you're able to think in 3D, the easier learning those two programs will be. Also progressing in drawing will bring more happiness than constantly being reminded you can't use these new programs very efficiently yet. Stick at it. Great tutorials available. So many that it's overwhelming. Remember, you can model in other 3D programs and import it too.

As for the trip, looked awesome. It's well weird how Burger King is marked on that map near Dortmund. Did you do that on purpose? I saw the pics as you put them on. You're looking very European as you age :P also the food on the mainland is soooo much better and healthier than the shit we get here. The Lithuania part looked real nice, never really seen much of there. Also someone I know was in Poland at the same time (he's still there now), travelling around in his van. Weird to think you may have even crossed paths at some point! Glad you all had fun. Keep busy. Stay crazy.

Soupcat responds:

Thanks man, those words are really motivating to me. Life can be a crazy rollercoaster I guess. I just hope that things in the future get more fair for the people that need it to be. Maybe science will prevail and people like you won't have to live in debt.


2016-10-14 17:44:52

Man that's a long trip! Nice pictures. The rock (28), wonder where that was? And lmao that's some creative grafiti. XD

I was actually in Latvia this Tuesday btw, just over the day to Riga and back, seemed like a really nice place. Haven´t been abroad since... 2012 I think, so it was pretty much a trip just to get somewhere so I can say I go places, but traveling was more fun than I remembered. Felt like a day wasn't enough either, to buy all the cheap honey I want.. I mean take in the sights! All those old and abandoned structures, remnants of old Russia, and the abundance of shopping malls and glimmering towers in contrast. And the city looked a lot older than ours too (Stockholm). A lot better preserved, I guess, even if a lot was in a bit bad shape too.

Ever been to Jurmala btw, on your previous trips? Hope to go there for the next trip... if next trip doesn't happen to be mid-winter. Longest beach in Europe, I think. It looks pretty nice.

And that power of bankruptcy... that's a powerful power! :| Cool news though - glad your still pursuing the path! Lack of funds or not. At least you chose a route with pretty cheap food. ;)


2017-11-22 11:09:04

I know this is an old post, but this is really neat!

Soupcat responds:

thx u cool <3